How Does It Work

The process at Forever Thin is unique because of the fact that your treatment is customized and personally administered by our licensed physicians – not some weight loss counselor.

The whole process is actually quite simple, it comes down to the following three steps:

  1. Medical Testing & Analysis. First, we find out about your body and metabolism by conducting a series of medical tests. We will evaluate your blood markers, metabolic rate, body composition, cardiovascular health and your overall medical and nutritional history.
  2. Customized Medical Treatment. Second, our licensed physicians & providers will customize the safest and most effective treatment plan. They will utilize powerful medication therapies to help you lose weight quickly, therapies to boost your metabolism and hormone treatments to correct imbalances in your body.
  3. Weight Loss Success. Lastly, throughout the course of your treatment you can expect our experienced doctors to help you lose the weight, feel more energetic, and look better. But best of all our program is designed for the long-term and will help you maintain and keep your results.


But, What if I get Stuck?

If you ever stop losing weight, our dedicated providers have many tools to get you losing weight again. They can adjust medications and dosages to get your metabolism moving, they can prescribe plateau busting boosters and of course they will reanalyze you to make sure you are getting the right treatment at the right time.

Physician Counseling

Forever Thin offers physician supervised weight loss on a very personal level. Our programs are custom tailored to your blood and metabolism and all your office visits are with licensed physicians and medical providers.

Constant Physician Visits

Forever Thin  is among the few weight loss clinics in the country where all of your visits are personally administered by a licensed physician – not just a weight loss counselor!

  • Check Carefully – Most Programs Are Only “Doctor Supervised” – which means that you will only have nutritionists, nurses or other assistants treating you.
  • Always Ask – Who will you see, how often and how much time will you spend with the doctor at each visit.
  • At Forever Thin, you are under the care of our experienced physicians at all times, which enables you to build a long term relationship of trust and provides great motivation to keep making progress as you come back for each consultation.
  • You are evaluated and treated by a doctor at every visit.
  • Your doctors specialize in obesity and weight treatment.
  • Your doctors have a combined experience practicing fat loss for over 35 years.
  • Your doctors are all certified Physicians.
  • Your doctors have pledged to create the most effective fat loss system for you.
  • Your doctors are educated in Nutrition.


Understanding Obesity

Our doctors understand obesity and know how to treat it! They offer you the most up-to-date medical treatments for weight control along with highly motivating guidance. They will supervise and customize a safe, affordable, and effective doctor based weight loss program for you, and will help you decide if any of the currently FDA approved supplementation and/or programs are right for you. If you are ready to lose the weight the right way and to keep it off for good, then we’re here to help. We can make it much easier than you think!

Your Complete Healthcare

At Forever Thin  your complete health care is our goal. We utilize strict physician protocols and comprehensive clinical assessments including an extensive blood and hormone work up, metabolic rate testing, and a physical exam. We provide you with an affordable doctor supervised wellness and weight management program in which you typically lose weight 3-5 times faster than with other commercial weight loss programs.


Downloadable Weight Loss Guides:


Right-click to download: Ultimate Weight Loss Workout [pdf]

Right-click to download: Slash Fat Fast [pdf]