Terms and Conditions

Guaranteed Results

Forever Thin guarantees the following to all our patients:

By the end of the first 30 days on our program, which is specially designed just for you, we promise that you will lose weight …

– OR –

We will refund all of your money!

Most weight loss programs refuse to make such an ironclad guarantee. We wouldn’t make it if we were not 100% certain you will lose weight within your first month.

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By enrolling in the program, filling out the applicable enrollment forms and receiving approval from Forever Thin, you may, for a fee, obtain or attempt to obtain, access to the Patient Services as a Patient. The Patient Services will enable you to: (i) consult with a medical doctor (physician) regarding your weight management goals and available treatment options including, but not limited to, prescription therapies, herbal therapies, injectable therapies, meal replacement therapies and other available treatment options as they become available (“Treatment Options”); (ii) obtain customized diet and nutrition related content, subscriptions, and advice; (iii) enter the guaranteed weight loss promotion (“Weight Loss Promotion”); and (iv) make purchases of related product and/or service offerings from a Forever Thin clinic or website.
Pursuant to the Weight Loss Promotion, Forever Thin will guarantee that participating Patients will lose weight by the end of the initial thirty (30) days of enrollment. Where the Patient complies with the applicable Weight Loss Promotion, physician advice, prescribed regimen of medication, supplementation, diet and exercise, yet fails to lose any amount of weight and follows the Refund and Claims Procedure (as defined below), then such Patient shall receive a full refund of any fees associated with enrollment and treatment during such thirty (30) day period. Forever Thin, in its sole discretion, shall make any and all determinations regarding Refunds and compliance with the Weight Loss Promotion, and such determinations shall be final and binding.

Pursuant to the Weight Loss Promotion, this guarantee is valid for a period of thirty (30) days from the date that you enrolled in an Forever Thin weight loss program. You understand that the continued success of the program will depend on your efforts and that there are no guarantees or assurances that the program will remain successful after the initial thirty (30) days. You also understand that you will have to continue watching your weight all of your life if you are to remain successful.

The definition of “Honest Effort” implies that there are no missed appointments on your part; you follow your doctor’s advice and take your medication (if any) and supplements on time; you maintain the required food journal and any other materials requested by your doctor; and you follow our nutrition recommendations. You will be expected to let your doctor know if you are having any difficulties meeting your goals so that we can adjust your program accordingly.

You understand and agree that Forever Thin is not responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for your inability to use the Patient Services.

To initiate a refund claim, you must visit the Forever Thin clinic in person where your initial body weight analysis was performed before the end date of this guarantee (“Expiration Date”) as indicated above. The medical staff at Forever Thin will perform another body-weight analysis to ascertain your current weight. If your weight has not decreased, all fees associated with enrollment and treatment during the initial thirty (30) day period for the “Forever Thin Physician Weight Loss Program” will be refunded to you. The refund only covers payments for your initial visit enrollment fee, first month of program enrollment (if enrolled), and any office visit fees. However, no fees for the purchase of Laser Therapy, Age Management or any other unrelated procedures are covered under this guarantee.

If you are entitled to a refund (“Refund”), you must fill out the applicable form made available at the Forever Thin clinic where you enrolled. Refunds will not be issued for any incomplete or improperly filled out Refund forms.

Refunds are issued by check. Refund checks are approved within fourteen (14) days of the claim and are sent by U.S. mail.

We Guarantee you will lose weight or we’ll give your money back!