abbey weight loss testimonial Abbey W.
Pounds Lost: 92
“I did everything that the doctor told me and never missed a single appointment, it was so fast and easy… Thank you Forever Thin for being the factor that created my new lifestyle.”

When I started out on my shedding pounds, I was a mother of 1 who tipped the scales at 308 pounds. I was never active in my life, I avoided exercise at all costs. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted & I ate the amount I wanted. All of this contributed to my weight. I started walking with my husband and then we joined our local YMCA. I met a trainer who saw the spark in me & pushed me to believe in myself. Then I heard about this doctor who was doing incredible things with a laser and I gave it a try and let me tell you, his system, Forever Thin is amazing. I started losing inches and fat by the day. As of today I have lost 92 pounds with still about 50-60 more I’d like to lose. Thank you Forever Thin for changing my life forever and creating the new me.


adina lost 80 pounds weightAdina J.
Pounds Lost: 80
“I have lost over 80 pounds since starting the Forever Thin touch up plan and I’m still going strong!”

I have lost lost over 80 thanks to Dr. Trevor and Forever Thin. What an amazing company. He has created a huge company while keeping the doctor patient relationship the most important thing! Now, 6 months later, I am even more active and still using Forever Thin! Thank you for helping me keep it real and creating the new me.


ashley forever thin testimonialAshley M. M.
Pounds Lost: 52
“I am currently training for a small marathon and then next summer I will start training for two more!”

I have lost 52 pounds. With Dr. Trevor’s Forever Thin system there is no stopping me! I am currently training for a marathon and then next summer I will start training for two more. I started out at 334 pounds and am now at 282 pounds today. I expect to reach 200 pounds by September 2012. I eventually hope to get to 175 pounds with the help of Forever Thin!


weight loss walnut creek - darinDarin & Becky W. M.
Pounds Lost: 130 & 65

I have lost 130 pounds over the last 6 months using Forever Thin and my wife has lost 65 pounds. Forever Thin is a great investment in your own personal health and weight loss, these people know there stuff, from the laser to the protocol they use, it’s all incredible. You gave us the tools to start our much healthier life!! We could not have done it without you! We love what you do. Thanks!


jacynthe 45 pounds weight lossJacynthe T.
Pounds Lost: 45

“I would only ever use Forever Thin to stay on track and melt off those inches and pounds! It’s a great and easy to use system and Dr Trevor really cares about your results.”

I have lost 45 pounds thanks to Forever Thin! It has given me the motivation and discipline I need to keep going! This is the closest thing to the miracle pill, all you have to do is listen to what the doctor says and go through the program exactly and the results will speak for themselves, I’m living proof! Thank you so much Dr. Trevor for creating Forever Thin!!


Margie L.
Pounds Lost: 105

“It really is a big motivation for me to see my weight loss results. I LOVE Forever Thin!”

I have lost a total of 105 pounds. I hadn’t heard about Forever Thin and the lipo laser until a little over a year ago. I use Forever Thin every 2 days, it is a huge motivation to see how much my body has transformed with Forever Thin. Dr. Trevor really knows what he’s doing and the results are so fast!

I reached my goal of losing 100 lbs and I’ve maintained my weight until recently, when I decided to lose 5 more, which I have now done. I LOVE Forever Thin!


melanie weight loss walnut creekMelanie R.
Pounds Lost: 24

“My favorite part of the entire process is seeing the measurements AFTER the laser, I love seeing those numbers go down for motivation.”

So far down from 211 to 187 and still dropping weight and inches. I really like the way Forever Thin breaks everything down for you in an easy to use way. If I wasn’t for Dr. Trevor’s personal attention, I would just eat carbs all day. Dr Trevor at Forever Thin is incredibly motivating and really cares about his patients, it’s nice to see the owner of a big company still taking care of everyone!


weight loss in walnut creekPaula
Pounds Lost: 70

“I plan to continue using Forever Thin to lose a bit more and to keep myself on track. Thank you for a great product and service Forever Thin.”

Early January 2011, I began using the Forever Thin Laser Program daily and I managed to lose 70 pounds (so far)! I love the eating guidelines that Dr. Trevor and his staff put together; it really helps me plan what I need to eat for my next meal. I track my fat loss with them weekly and also my level of activity and I went from walking with 30-60 sec bursts of running to running 13 miles! I’ve now completed two sprint triathlons as well. I plan to continue using Forever Thin to lose a bit more and to keep myself on track. Thank you for a great product and stellar customer service Forever Thin. The first picture was from October 2011. The second is after completing a Triathlon in May 2012.


Tammie T.
Pounds Lost: 72

Hi my name is Tammie Trujillo I was overweight and real down on myself. I felt like I lost myself due to years of taking of my family and not myself! My husband and I had to go to a formal dinner and I had to buy a dress. I went shopping and couldn’t find a dress for a big girl. I came home in tears and told my husband its me time from now on! I lost myself due to dedicated to my kids and being overwieght. I tried diets and ate well and they didn’t work. I saw a ad for lipo laser I read about it and felt this may be what I need to get me losing weight and inches. I happen to find Dr Trevor. I made a appointment for a consultation.

When I first came into Dr Trevor’s Office I was real sceptical about the program. The first thing came to my mind is this is alot of money to lose if it doesnt work. When I came home to my husband and told him I signed up for Lipo Laser he was more sceptical than I was. He said great way to waste money but if its something I wanted then he is behind me. He now is a real believer as now its like we have a new relationship after 20 years of marriage.

I followed the plan to the letter! The results were amazing! I went from a size 20 to a size 5. I went from a double X shirt to a medium. I lost a total of 72 pounds in a 8 week unlimited plan. Dr Trevor was amazing as I cried when I first came into his office saying how bad I wanted to lose weight and I had a very low self-esteem. Our 16 year old son says ‘wow’ mom I can now put my arms around you. Our daughter in college says she does’nt like her mom wearing the same size clothes. Now when we go out my husband focuses on me and it feels great. I can’t say enough about the program. I am a Lipo Laser Believer!!!! Thank you Dr Trevor for the positive reinforcement!

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